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Zhejiang University


The history of Zhejiang University Faculty of Medicine can be traced back to the Chekiang Provincial College of Medicine founded in 1912 and the National Chekiang University Medicine College founded in 1945. The two merged in 1952 and established the Zhejiang Medical College, which was then upgraded as Zhejiang Medical University in 1960. In 1998 it was merged with Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University and Zhejiang Agriculture University to re-establish the present Zhejiang University, and reorganize School of Medicine and College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the following year. In 2009 Zhejiang University launched "Super Ministry Reform", reorganized School of Medicine and College of Pharmaceutical Sciences again, two of which are rebuilt as Zhejiang University Faculty of Medicine. Thus, a century has witnessed Zhejiang University School of Medicine (SOM), although with several changes of name and place, evolving into one of the most prestigious medical schools in the nation.


The Faculty of Medicine is composed of 8 faculties: Basic Medicine, Public Health, First Clinical Medicine, Second Clinical Medicine, Third Clinical Medicine, Dental Medicine, Stomatology and Nursing. Apart from these academic faculties, there are 6 affiliated hospitals and the affiliated Yiwu Hospital is currently under construction.

The Faculty is dedicated to training and bringing up medical talents of medical practice, biomedical research and public health management. Educational programs include 8-year Medical Doctor program, 7-year master of medicine program, 4-year Bachelor of Pharmacy program, 5.5-year Clinical Medicine program for international students (MBBS) etc.. SOM has set up basic medicine, clinical medicine, oral medicine and pharmacy primary discipline for doctor degree and five mobile post-doctoral stations.

In this brand-new and picturesque Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University, the Faculty is equipped with modern teaching and research facilities, and has built up a new academic management system centering on course team and research team (PI system), all of which have created a better environment for establishing a research Faculty of Medicine.
Location: Hangzhou, China

Programs Available:

2. Chinese Language

Tuition Fee:

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MBBS Admission Requirements
2 B 1 A for chemistry, physics and biology; GPA 3.0 above of 4; High school scores 80 above.