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Admission Service

Application Procedure:

  1. Student to choose university, and fill up the application form (download at "Application Form "under Paperwork" tab)
  2. Student to send scanned copies of application form and other documents required (check at "Documents Required" under "Paperwork" tab) to SICEC
  3. SICEC to submit application documents to universities
  4. SICEC to obtain LOA(the Letter of Acceptance) or Admission Notice
  5. SICEC to send the scanned copy to student
  6. Student to pay tuition fee to the university and service fee to SICEC
  7. SICEC to obtain the JW202 Form and Admission Notice from the university and courier it (or scanned copies if it’s acceptable to Chinese Embassy) to student to get visa after both tuition and service fees have been received.


  1. Free pick-up at the nearest airport upon the flight information from student.
  2. Assistance to student in settling down
  3. Assistance to obtain bank account and local mobile number(We can help get it before you come to China, so that your family could know your number in advance and can contact you right after you arrive. It usually costs 100CNY with 100CNY credits.)
  4. Assistance in enrollment procedures at the university.
  5. Assistance to get health check-up done. (Students need to do health check-up once again in China)
  6. Assistance to obtain residence permit at local police station
  7. Assistance in the case of any emergency
  8. Assistance to buy textbooks if required

NOTE: Admission and Other service are covered by the service fee including transportation. Expenses on health check-up and residence permit are borne by student.